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Locksmith Service Fairfax VA Fairfax, VA 703-496-9797Transponder keys have become a crucial aspect of a vehicle and are being widely used as they help prevent car theft. Car keys have evolved a lot from how they were even a few decades ago. Today, most car keys are of the transponder type.

There are several situations when you may need to resort to car locksmith services. If you find that you have misplaced or lost your car keys and do not have a spare set, a lock industry professional can help you get a new key. There are also the issues of broken keys. In such cases, a locksmith will not only help unlock the car, but will also help extract the broken key and make a new key so that you can continue to use your vehicle without any issue.

If you are looking to make or replace transponder keys , Locksmith Service Fairfax VA is home to some of the best technicians in Fairfax, VA.

How does it work?

Transponder keys are regarded as high security keys that will work in the ignition system of your car through radio transmission waves. It has a built-in transmission chip that helps the vehicle to start automatically. There are many computer-coded or electronic chips that are used in the manufacture of transponder keys.

Advanced anti-theft features

These keys are available in newer cars that enable radio transmission between the key and the car. The system enables radio transmission to be programmed to a particular car and only the specific signal will disable the car’s immobilizer. This makes it a high security key and reduces the chances of car theft.

Transponder key replacements – why are they expensive?

While atransponder system sounds good and can make you feel more secure, it can be very expensive to replace it if you break or lose the keys. Fortunately, we have qualified technicians who can replace the key at a cost effective price than the dealer and also program it to the car.

The auto locksmith for all your transponder key needs!

Looking for a duplicate transponder key or want a new one made? Our locksmiths can do all of these for you and at a reasonable cost. Our experts have a range of key blanks and high end key cutting tools to make you the keys you want. Whether you own a sedan or a convertible, you can trust our expertise and experience to deliver.

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