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Locksmith Service Fairfax VA Fairfax, VA 703-496-9797Did you know that a vast majority of break-ins happen through the front door? With incidents of theft and burglary ever on the rise, security is one of the top concerns for every property owner. Anyone who has ever had keys stolen or home burglarized knows how frightening it feels to know that the security of your home is compromised. It can become quite stressful to figure out where you would now store your valuables and how to ensure the safety of the family members. Fortunately, there lock replacement services offered by locksmiths such as Locksmith Service Fairfax VA that you can avail to get locks replaced and quell your concerns about the security of your house or vehicle.

Should I get my locks replaced or repaired?

This is often the dilemma of many property owners. While repairing is definitely a cost effective option, this will work only if the internal mechanism of the lock is intact. In cases where the locks are extremely worn out due to heavy usage, or where they had to withstand heavy impact forces, it is best to have the locks replaced , as repairing may not be successful. It is, however, best to call in professionals and have them inspect the locking system thoroughly to know the best course of action.

Which lock should I choose?

Replacing your lock is not just about buying a random new lock and installing it. You need to know that there are inferior products in the market and they do not provide much security. Remember, not all locks are suitable for all doors, and that it is essential to find a lock that meets the required standards.

Before getting the locks replaced , finding the right lock will need some research, and this is where an expert locksmith can be helpful. He will check the kind of door you have, the quality of the door frame and your security requirements before recommending the right locking solutions for your home.

Can I replace locks myself?

If you're a professional locksmith, yes. Else, it is best to delegate it to someone who knows how to do it. Working with locks requires expertise and experience, and trying a DIY solution can not only damage the locks, but also expose your property to security risks.

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